Ribhu Lahiri


I discovered websites when I was 5. Discovered code when I was 10. After that was a lot of terrible attempts at web development and scripting. But it led me to delve into JavaScript. I have a few websites/webapps live, feel free to check them out below. 


I have always been fascinated with data (almost pursued a bachelor's in statistics). I have been exploring Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Scikit-learn for data science. Recently, I picked up deep learning and have implemented some models in Tensorflow and PyTorch. My interest lies in Natural Language Processing, especially Music Information Retrieval. I'm also working on a couple side projects, which you can check out.


I started reading back when I was but a little kid, which inspired me to write as soon as I could, and I did. So I started writing and haven't stopped since. Recently, I was asked to be a co-editor for the medium publication of the School of AI. And yes, I can play the piano and the guitar, for which there is a SoundCloud coming soon. Also, my recent interest in music informatics may lead to some interesting sounds in the future.