Ribhu Lahiri


I discovered websites when I was 5. Discovered code when I was 10. After that was a lot of terrible attempts at web development and scripting. But it led me to delve into JavaScript, which helped me hack my way into building webapps. I have a few websites/webapps live, feel free to check them out below. 


I have always been fascinated with data (almost pursued a bachelor's in statistics). Initially, started off as a Computer Science major, a seminar about alternative majors introduced me to Cognitive Science and eventually machine learning so I jumped in head first . I keep playing around with different models (thanks to paperswithcode), and implementing them in Tensorflow and PyTorch. My interest lies in Natural Language Processing, explainable AI, and ethics and societal impacts of AI. Working in the Brain and Cognition Lab with a focus on language I was able to contribute to research projects ranging from language evolution, sentiment and opinion analysis, to EEG decoding. Such experience is leading me towards addressing issues like interpretation of artificial systems using language as future research interests.


I started reading back when I was but a little kid, which inspired me to write as soon as I could, and I did. So I started writing and haven't stopped since. Recently, I was asked to be a co-editor for the medium publication of the School of AI. And yes, I can play the piano and the guitar, for which there is a SoundCloud coming soon. According to my Spotify stats from last year I spent 67% of my time listening to music. Also, my recent interest in music informatics may lead to some interesting sounds in the future.